Use Technological Device

Allows the use of technological devices

Fast play rules
DC Device Complexity Example
5 Extremely simple devices Initiating the operation of self-operating devices
10 Simple devices Alarm system
12 Simple devices with volatile components Explosives
15 Moderately complex but common devices Steam car,Boat
20 Complex devices requiring aim, precision or timing Grapple gun,Railguns Cannons
25 Complex devices requiring constant supervision or adjustment Zeplin ,some clockwork devices
30 Intricate devices that require prior planning and supervision to operate Calculating device

DMs discretion: its imposible to list every single technological device used in aldium the DM will use their judgement and discretion as to what DC a device falls under and if additional penalties/ bonuses may apply.

Special: Technological devices used as weapons may require an Exotic Weapon Proficiency feat and attack rolls instead of or in addition to Use Technological Device checks. Other devices, such as vehicles, may require special proficiencies to operate. A character lacking the required proficiencies suffers a –4 penalty on Use Technological Device checks when attempting to operate a device.


You cannot make an untrained Use technological device check with a DC higher than 10.

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