Religion Traits

The following traits religion traits can be taken only by worshipers of the specified deity. don't just take the god to take the trait be sure you read your God and it fits your character and that you are able to do what the god asks of you.

Belief Required Trait Name
Alaister Alaister's Speaker
Alaister Deadeye Bowman
Alaister Wise Teacher
Alessa Opportunistic
Alessa Enchanting Conniver
Avasir Eye for Quality
Avasir Honey-Tongued
Avasir Inoculated
Avasir Lover of the Law
Alessa Holy Schemer
Alessa Practiced Deception
Cadmus Arcane Depth
Cadmus Thirst for Knowledge
Cadmus Underlying Principles
Cerie Faithful Artist
Cerie Stoic Optimism
Cerie Thrill-Seeker
Callie Intense Artist
Callie Inner Beauty
Callie Unswaying Love
Deidre Child of Nature
Deidre Natural Philosopher
Deidre Strong Swimmer
Eyvra Cleansing Light
Eyvra Illuminator
Eyvra Light-Bringer
Gavet Adventurous Imbiber
Gavet Good-Natured
Gavet Strong-Willed
Green Faith Eyes of the Wild
Green Faith Know the Land
Hirai Iron Grip
Hirai Strong Heart
Kamus Eye for Father
Kamus Protective Faith
Kiyoshi Centered
Kiyoshi Eternal Understanding
Kiyoshi Seer of Reality
Lyvalia Corpse Hunter
Lyvalia Spirit Guide
Lyvalia Stabilizing Touch
Nemyth Poisonous Slayer
Nemyth Secret Knowledge
Rajuk Demoralizing Presence
Rajuk Battlefield Surgeon
Rajuk Rajian Caster
Samaria A Shining Beacon
Samaria Purity of Faith
Samaria Regal Presence
Yarnos Contract Master
Yarnos Fiendish Confidence
Yarnos Liar's Tongue
Zephyra Denial of Fate
Zephyra Deathspeaker
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