Regional Traits

Regional Backgrounds are keyed to specific regions, be they large (such as a nation or geographic region) or small (such as a city or a specific mountain). In order to select a regional Backgrounds, your PC must have spent at least a year living in that region. At first level, you can only select one regional Backgrounds (typically the one tied to your character’s place of birth or homeland), despite the number of regions you might wish to write into your character’s background. no need too specific region requirements like the core game just note when you select it what region you are from in the world

Aberration Hunter You refuse to give in to the monsters that feast on your people, and hunt them instead.
Acupuncturist You have studied the ancient art of acupuncture, and use it to pursue enlightenment and healing.
Advocate to the Empire You possess strong ties to the empire, and spread flattering words regarding it.
Antiquities Smuggler You have moved contraband relics for years, and have learned some tricks.
Arcane Dabbler Your study of magic is shown by your expertise in the simplest of magical exploits.
Artifact Hunter You know the legends and the places where great treasures were rumored to have fallen.
Bandit Since you were young, you’ve been a member of one bandit gang or another.
Blood Steed Your nomadic culture gives you a profound knowledge of and respect for the horses that roam your homelands.
Born Rider you are a adept at riding
Bounty Hunter You have made it your mission to help bring bandits to justice.
Briar Bandit (Forest) you know how to move without disturbing the dense flora around you.
Builders Apprentice You studied under one of the builder masters of the great masons lodge.
Cavalry Rider From the moment you were old enough to walk, you learned how to ride the mighty warhorses.
Chivalrous You were raised on tales of heroic knights and benevolent wizards and try to emulate their great deeds.
Cliff Jumper You spent your early years exploring and foraging along the coastal cliffs.
Cliff-Master You are adept at scavenging along the cliffs by the sea, and have become a skilled climber.
Coincunning Whether from working with dwarven merchants or being one yourself, you've developed a distinctly dwarven business sense.
Cold Heart ….
Confidante to the Oppressed Others recognize that you are filled with the spirit of liberty and equality.
Cosmopolitan Your exposure to many people and tongues has given you a particular facility for speech.
Crusader Tactician You are skilled in both heraldry and siege tactics.
Cynic You have seen all manner of people claiming holy motives, and you have learned to judge them by their deeds, rather than their words.
Cypher Resistance You can sometimes resist runes
Dealer You worked for a dealer in illicit substances, either by selling or helping to organize shipments to other regions, which involved f smuggling.
Demon Eradicator ….
Demon Slayer Having fought in many battles against demons you have learned the best ways to kill them.
Deepsea Native Your predilection for watery environs has been strong since birth and you know the types of creatures who call the ocean home.
Devotee of the Holy Prophecies As an adherent of the ancient prophecies you understand the importance of a good deal.
Dim Seer You were raised in the shadows and are accustomed to noticing things there.
Diplomat You know how to handle delicate communications with different groups of people.
Disbeliever …..
Discerning Beliefs …..
Diver You’re a talented swimmer.
Dungeon Dweller (Any Subterranean Dungeon) Not only are you competent while deep underground, you thrive in these perilous environs.
Dominator ….
Draconic Vigil You have seen the damage a dragon has wrought upon the land.
Dusk Dancer Growing up the darkest places you gained the confidence to avoid hazards which you can barely see.
Elemental Pupil You have studied at the feet of the masters of the colleges of elemental magic, and so increased your own mastery of the elements.
Emissary Accustomed to strange creatures living near you, you have few prejudices.
Enemy of the Dead ….
Eye of the Falcon You have a way of seeing right to the heart of things.
Equality for All Even when facing foes much larger than yourself, you still embody the ethos of liberty.
Expert Smuggler Years of smuggling and other unsavory work have trained you to hide your assets even when being actively searched.
Freed Slave Your strong will helped you persevere in captivity, and gave you strength to start again from nothing in your new life.
Freed Slave (second version) You spent a significant portion of your childhood as a slave.
Friend of the Dead Your close association with intelligent undead has imparted some of their otherworldly essence to you.
Friend of the Fey You have a special relationship with the fey, having grown up in close proximity to them.
Ghost Survivor You have bore witness to ghosts and numerous other horrors.
Ghoulish Affinity …..
Grit Goggles (Usually Under Deserts) Exposure to the constant hazards of airborne particles has made your eyes less susceptible to irritants
Guide of the Streets You grew up on the streets and have worked as both guide and bodyguard for visitors to the city.
Great Market Merchant You grew up among the market stalls of the greatest trading post in all the world
Group Fighter You have trained extensively to fight with groups.
Guerilla You have spent much time in the rainforests and know its secrets.
Heavenly Touch Growing up, you were exposed to everyday miracles performed by your half-celestial friends, and some of this magic rubbed off.
Highlander (Hills or Mountains) You were born and raised in rugged badlands or hills.
Hobgoblin Slayer The hatred of hobgoblins courses through your veins.
Honeyed Tongue You are quite capable of bringing peace to rival groups.
Hunter of Outsiders Your life prepared you for evading and destroying the fiendish creatures of the planes.
Imperial Soldier You’ve served in the imperial army.
Inspiring Speaker You have learned the arts of oratory, and know how to speak to crowds to rile them up or to calm them down.
Instigator of Rebellion Your rage over the political repositioning within your homeland has led you to incite rage within your compatriots.
Iron Mind …….
Kami Talker You have learned how best to communicate with otherworldly inhabitants.
Keeper of the Veil Even when not cloaked in magic, your training has taught you how to conceal your true nature.
Local Know-It-All …….
Long Jumper You're capable of leaping long distances.
Master Illusionist You are very familiar with illusions.
Militia (Any Town or Village) You have served in one of the militia bands and so have learned valuable skills.
Natural Artist Your artistic talents were cherished and honed from an early age.
Navigator You’ve sailed the treacherous waters of the sea and you can navigate their dangers adroitly.
Pirate The hidden coves and bays have been your home throughout most of your career as a pirate, and the winding waterways have trained you well in the art of sailing.
Silent Hunter …….
Smuggler You have learned how to dodge the tax collectors and inspectors.
Soldier of the Faith You have served as a faithful enforcer of your faith.
Sound of Mind Your tranquil mind is especially resistant to manipulation.
Spiritual Forester You grew up in a small settlement and have learned much about the woods as well as about their supernatural inhabitants.
Stable You are especially adept at not losing your footing.
Storm Hunter You learned to hunt in the relentless winds and still make your arrows fly true.
Superstitious You are distrustful of any magic.
Talented Blacksmith You are a master weapon and shield craftsman.
Town Gossip ………
Vagabond Child (Urban)l You grew up among the outcasts and outlaws of your society, learning to forage and survive in an urban environment.
Trained Medic You have studied medicine and chirugery, and recognize on sight the signs of ailments and toxins.
Tribesman ………
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