Planted Items
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Planted Items are strategic objects which the GM has the option of placing on the map before any Match. Planted Items are typically powerful enough to shift the balance of power towards its possessor.

Everyone Knows

Unless the Match Type states otherwise, players are informed when a Planted Item has been placed on the map, what that Planted Item is and where it has been placed. Players can suggest the use of particular Planted Items for a Match, but it is the GM’s decision whether or not there will be Planted Items and what those Planted Items will be.

Where is it?

Planted Items can be placed anywhere on the map, but normally they are placed somewhere in the Neutral Area. The GM chooses and place all Planted Items after the players have built their characters, but before they have placed those characters on the map. However, she does not reveal the locations of those Planted Items until after all characters have been placed on the map.

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