Magic Traits

Magic traits are associated with magic, and focus on spellcasting and manipulating magic. You need not be a spellcaster to take a Magic Trait (although several of these traits aren’t as useful to non-spellcasters). Magic Traits can represent a character’s early exposure to magical effects or childhood studies of magic. The word "Society" in a traits name is meant to indicate that active membership in an organization of explorers and adventurers is required or expected.

Air-Touched You share an affinity with elemental air.
Alchemical Adept You are skilled in creating alchemical items.
Arcane Temper You have quick reactions and fierce concentration.
Ascendant Recollection Your first bloodline power is particularly strong.
Balancer's Banishing
Classically Schooled Your apprenticeship or early education was particularly focused on the direct application of magic.
Child of the Moon Your lunar gift becomes much more powerful when the moon is full.
Dangerously Curious You have always been intrigued by magic.
Desperate Resolve You are adept at casting spells even in the most precarious situations.
Distance Aptitude
Domineering Your confidence is so strong that others feel compelled to follow your commands.
Eldritch Delver You have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge about the world and desire to obtain it firsthand.
Earth-Touched You share an affinity with elemental earth.
Fey Protection
Flame-Touched You share an affinity with elemental fire.
Focused Mind You can block out distractions and focus on the immediate task at hand.
Fortunate You are blessed by fate
Ghost Sight
Gifted Adept Early exposure to magic has made it easier for you to work on magic on your own.
Greater Purpose You are convinced you're alive to achieve a great purpose.
Horrifying Mind
Insistent Benefactor You have perfected the art of forcing your magical boons on your allies.
Inured to Death You have been around death or the undead all of your life.
Keen Appraiser you are an expert at determining when something has magical properties.
Kin Bond The bond between you and a close sibling is nearly mystical.
Knowledgeable Caster
Lucid Dreamer
Magical Flair
Magical Talent You have mastered the use of a cantrip.
Mathematical Prodigy -
Outcast's Intuition You are able to sense the motives of others and use that sense to bolster your magic against dispelling.
Overwhelming Beauty Your wiles are particularly potent against people who share a race with you
Partial Protege You are adept at disguising your true talents.
Possessed You were, or are, possessed in some way by another entity that grants you occasional access to its knowledge.
Reluctant Apprentice Your early training grants you knowledge of the arcane.
Resilient Caster Your great force of will makes your magic harder to dispel.
Scorned by Magic
Self-Taught Scholar Being self-taught has made it necessary for you to scour all documentation you can get your hands on.
Shrouded Casting You have learned the secret to casting some spells without lesser material components.
Strength Foretold
Storm-Touched You share an affinity with elemental lightning.
Tenacious Shifting You've discovered the secret of stable transmutations
Theoretical Magician You've studied more magic than what you can actually perform.
Transmuter You've discovered the secret of stable transmutations
Unscathed You are amazingly resistant to energy attacks because of either your upbringing or magical experimentation.
Volatile Conduit You discovered a secret that enhances the energy of some spells.
Water-Touched You share an affinity with elemental water.
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