(Way of the warrior)
Aligment: Any Lawful
Centers of Belief: Amihama, Kyan
Compatible Beliefs: Atheism, monasticism, pantheism
Incompatible Beliefs: Churches of chaotic gods, druidism

Ichimeiyo is a strongly communal warrior's code built upon three simple principles . The first, " One Body, One Soul," prescribes full commitment to any undertaking to achieve one's potential, and not sabotaging one's duties with half-hearted effort. The second principle, "Honor Is All," proclaims that, without honor, martial glory is just so much bloodshed, and promises and laws are only empty words . The third principle, "Without Service, Nothing," directs followers to commit completely to a worthy liege who will properly direct the honorable warrior. Followers of this code live and die by their reputations, but some uphold the letter of its law without abiding by the spirit.

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