Slay the opposing side.

Victory Conditions

The Colossus and the Adventurers seek only each other’s death. The side that still lives at the end of the Match, wins

Here’s the Twist!

1. One team numbers only one player. But instead of a regular character, that player controls the Colossus – .A monster who is unimpeded by the moralities of a GM. A monster whose only goal is to slay the Adventurers.

2. The Colossus is a powerful monster. The Adventurers will have to use every resource at their disposal and exploit every weakness that the Colossus has or the Colossus will eat them alive.

Match Events


Match Rules

The Colossus: When a player takes on the role of the Colossus, he gets to choose which monster he will be from a short list of monsters

Tied Matches: Should the Match ends with both teams still surviving, the Match will be extended for 5 rounds, or the GM may use the Scored Decision rule seen below.

Scored Decision: If the Match is to be won by Scored Decision, then divide the Colossus’s original total hit points by the number of Adventurers who started the Match. Take that result and multiply it by the number of Adventurers who survived to the end of the Match. The resulting number is the Match Score. If the Colossus currently has more hit points than the Match Score, the Colossus wins. If the Colossus has less, then the Adventurers win.

Match Setup

Match Length Minimum Team Members Maximum Teams Map Points
15, 20 2 4 100

Match Setup

◆◆ One side of the Conflict will be designated the “Colossus,” the other side will be designated the “Adventurers.”

◆◆ One player chooses to be the Colossus. The rest of the players are the Adventurers.

◆◆ The player of the Colossus chooses which monster he will be from the monster list (found on pages 120-125). To determine which of the monsters are suitable for a particular Match, add the Match Level to the number of Adventurers that the Colossus will be facing. The CR of the chosen monster should be about equal to that number, give or take 1 point.

◆◆ The team with the highest Conflict Advantage roll chooses their Map End, notes the placement of their counters, or may elect to pass. The team with the lowest Conflict Advantage roll cannot elect to pass.

◆◆ The chosen Colossus is announced to the group after Conflict Advantage has been determined.


Adjusted: the Colossus may have higher stats than what its CR indicates.

Colossus & Servant: The Colossus now has one ally. They are a team of two – no more, no less. The ally player makes a regular character under the normal Battlepoint Cap rules, but he must be a kobold.

Wyrms: The Colossus is a chromatic dragon. The player chooses which color dragon. Replace the list of monsters with the following

dragon ages: Wyrmling, Very Young, Young, Young Adult, Mature Adult, Very Old, Wyrm.

Undead: The Colossus is an undead. Replace the list of monsters with the following undead: Wight, Mummy, Invisible Stalker, Vampire Lich, Nightwalker, Nightwave.

Vampire Hunters: The Player of the Colossus can now also choose to be a vampire with a number of character levels equal to the Match Level

Legendary Grudge Match: The players will battle the GM who uses a storyline based character against the player or something similar.

Age CR Size Initiative perception
Young 6 L +1 +10
Adult 7 L +2 +12
Mature 8 L +2 +14
Elder 9 L +2 +16
AC Saves
Age Regular Touch Flatfooted Fort Reflex Will
Young +19 +8 +18 +9 +2 +5
Adult +19 +6 +18 +11 +1 +5
Mature +21 +6 +20 +12 +2 +6
Elder +22 +6 +21 +13 +3 +7
Great Club Arm Spike Harpoon w/Rope
Age Speed Melee Damage Melee Damage Ranged Damage Space Reach
Young 40ft +12/+7 2d8 +6 +13/+8 1d12 +6 +5 1d10+6 10 ft 10 ft
Adult 40ft +15/+10 2d8 +10 +16/+11 1d12 +10 +3 1d10+6 15 ft 15 ft
Mature 40ft +17/+12 2d8 +12 +18/+13 1d12 +12 +5 1d10+6 15 ft 15 ft
Elder 40ft +18/+13 2d8 +12 +19/+14 1d12 +12 +6 1d10+6 15 ft 15 ft
Age Str Dex Con Int Wis Char Base Atk CMB CMD Added Feats
Young 23 8 15 6 10 11 +7 +14 +23 -
Adult 31 6 19 6 10 11 +7 +17 +25 Endurance
Mature 35 6 23 6 12 11 +7 +19 +29 Die Hard, Improved, Bull Rush
Elder 35 6 23 6 14 11 +8 +20 +30 Awesome Blow

Feats: Cleave, Improved Overrun, Charge Through, Power Attack, Combat Expertise
Skills: Handle Animal +6, Perception +10, (Adult only Handle Animal +8, Perception +12) , (Mature only: Handle Animal +10, Perception +14), (Elder only: Handle Animal +12, Perception +16)
Racial Modifiers: +4 on Perception
Languages: Giant, Orc, Goblin
SQ: Superior Two-Weapon Fighting: The giant is armed with a greatclub and a massive spike strapped to his left arm. Because each of his two heads controls an arm, the giant does not take a penalty on attack or damage rolls for attacking with two weapons.

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