Beastfolk is the general term used for the people that hail from Calari. They are called Beastfolk due to each one having physical characteristics of an animal. Each type of race is said to belong to a specific clan; however, each particular person generally belongs to a tribe composed of family members and 4-12 other families.

Ecology & Society: For the most part, Beastfolk are a simple people, a people of wood and stone. Their desires are for the necessities of life and the companionship of others. Beastfolk typically do not enjoy living alone, and generally feel safer when with a group. Superficially, Beastfolk social structure is similar to that of men, though lacking a caste system or a feudal nobility. Instead, the basic social unit is the family and a Beastfolk is loyal first to their family and then to their clan. A typical family has three to five children. Twins and triplets are not uncommon. Most marriages take place within a clan, but there's no real taboo against marriage between clans. The clans generally avoid it, however.

Clans: Beastfolk clans are divided as follows.

Clan Ability Modifiers Skill Modifiers
Lupin (Canine) +2 Strength, +2 Wisdom, -2 Dexterity Sense Motive and Survival
Woren (Cat clan) +2 Dexterity, +2 Charisma, –2 Wisdom Climb and Stealth
Usakichi (hare clan) +2 Dexterity, +2 Intelligence, - 2 Constitution


Beastfolk in the western Kingdoms: Actual beastfolk in the western kingdoms are extremely rare and there are no known tribes to wander the country sides.
Beastfolk in Calari: Being indigenous to Calari they can be found in every corner of the continent.

Beastfolk Hybrids

Beastfolk hybrids are the result of human breeding with the Beastfolk clans whether by true love,curiosity or perverse experimentation. The reality is, they have been around for over 300 years since Calari, and the beastfolk tribes were discovered and no one, not even themselves, know their origins as there are too many variant stories indicating each beastfolk hybrids may have a unique story of origin to them.

Beastfolk Hybrids are mostly common in Ezlia where the majority of human populations exist.

Half Lupin (Canidae)
Half Woren (Liya)
Half Usakichi (Svar)


Half Lupin in the western Kingdoms: Half Lupin are typically found in the human nations
Half Lupin in Calari: though there are half lupin in calari they are often found in colonies .

Half Woren in the western Kingdoms: Half Woren have somehow managed to spread to every corner in the western kingdoms and can be found in wild tribes,civilized clans and in urban areas of the world.
Half Woren in Calari: Half woren are very are not that common in calari due to territorial disputes among humans and woren.

Half Usakichi in the western Kingdoms: Half Usakichi are the most common of all the hybrids and are found anywhere humans live at, there are no half usakichi tribes, villages or communities where they live at exclusively.
Half Usakichi in Calari: though they are known to exist half usakichi in Calari are rare.

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