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What are Battlepoints

Conflict uses a method called Battlepoints (or BP) to estimate the overall power level of a character, with the intention that only characters who are of roughly the same BP value should be facing each other
on the Conflict battlefields. Thus, Battlepoints help to level the playing field, ensuring that each character brought into a Conflict Match is ready and able to compete in that Match. When determining a character’s
BP value, several aspects of a character are given a Battlepoint rating and the sum of those ratings is that character’s BP value.

Match Level

The Match Level is, in essence, the average level of the characters who will be fighting in the conflict. The level of any character in the Match can only deviate from the Match Level by 1. Thus, all characters in the
Match will have a character level either equal to the Match Level, one above the Match Level, or one below. It is the GM’s decision what the Match Level for a given Conflict Match will be, but that is a decision that she can make in consultation with her Players.

Familiars & Animals Companions

Familiars and animals companions have a BP Cost of 0: Since familiars and animal companions and the like are a part of a character’s class, they do not have an independent Battlepoint cost to bring into Conflict PvP. However, any equipment acquired for these creatures must be purchased at its full normal BP cost.

Battlepoint Cap

Before characters are selected for a Match, the GM assigns the Match a Battlepoint Cap. A Match’s Battlepoint Cap is the maximum number of Battlepoints that can be spent on any character who is going to be
involved in that Match. This Cap applies to all characters, whether they are pre-generated, imported from a campaign, or built from scratch.

Match level Suggested Battle point cap
1 25
2 29
3 37
4 50
5 68
6 90
7 120
8 155
9 200
10 250
11 310
12 380
13 500
14 630
15 790
16 1000
17 1300
18 1750
19 2250
20 3000
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