One team launches a surprise attack, the other tries to survive it. The Ambushers have the initial advantage of time and preparation; however, the Defenders outnumber them. The Defenders have greater numbers, but they cannot prepare in advance against the attack. Whatever side they are on, their objective is the same – slay all enemies.

Victory Conditions

Kill all members of the opposing team to win.

Here’s the Twist!

1. The Ambushers are fewer in number, but they have several tactical
◆◆ They are the only team with Map Points and are therefore the only team that can place Map Elements on the map.
◆◆ They receive three preparation rounds in which to lay traps, improve their abilities through magic and raise defenses.
◆◆ They may start the Match on any square of the map.
◆◆ On the last preparatory round, an Ambusher can hold his action, giving him a ready action for the next round – the round that the Defenders will be arriving on the map.

2. The Defenders have the greater numbers and they are aware that an ambush lies somewhere ahead for them—though they have no idea exactly where that attack will be coming from. With focused tactics, fierce teamwork and a dash of luck, they might be able to withstand the Ambushers’ initial onslaught while suffering little loss of their own - leaving them in an excellent position to turn the tables completely on the Ambushers.

Match Events


Match Rules

Preparatory Rounds: The first three rounds of the Match are preparatory rounds for the Ambushers only. The Defenders must wait these three rounds before beginning their actions and will not place their counters on the map until the start of the fourth round.

Protected Area: The Ambushers cannot place Map Elements within the Defenders’ Map End. In addition, moveable Map Elements (Ex: Rusty, the rust monster) cannot move into this area during the preparatory rounds.

Ambushers Start Anywhere: The Ambushers can start the Match anywhere on the map. This includes within the Defenders’ Map End.

Holding Actions: On the last preparatory round, an Ambusher can ready his action for the next round.

Not Surprised: The Defenders are fully aware that an ambush lies waiting for them; therefore, the round when the Defenders enter the Match is not a surprise round. the Match will enter into Sudden Death and the next team to slay an enemy wins the Match.

Extended Match Length: The three preparatory rounds given to the Ambushers do not count against the Match Length.

Match Setup

Match Length Minimum Team Members Maximum Teams Map Points
15, 20, Infinite 1 for Ambushers 2 for Defenders 2 100 for Ambushers 0 for Defenders

◆◆ Players form into teams, with the Ambushers outnumbering the Defenders, preferably by as close to a ratio of 2 to 1 as the number of players will allow.
◆◆ One team will be designated the “Ambushers,” the other will be designated the “Defenders.”
◆◆ The GM will designate one Map End as the Defenders’. The Defenders will be coming from this direction.
◆◆ The GM will designate the Defender’s Map End. The Ambushers cannot place Map Elements within the Defenders’ Map End, nor can moveable Map Elements be moved into this area during the Ambushers’ preparatory rounds.
◆◆ The Ambushers may start the Match on any square of the map, including the Defenders’ Map End.
◆◆ The Defenders must wait three rounds before beginning the Match. As the fourth round begins, they place their counters on the map.
◆◆ The Defenders are restricted to the normal placement rules.
◆◆ If there is a visible effect in a square that a Defender would start the Match in, he can then choose to start in a different location, but the new location must be within 4 squares and on the same map level as another team member. For example, if a flaming sphere is burning in the square that a Defender has designated as his starting location, the Defender has the option of moving his starting location to a square within 20’ of one of his teammates.

Law Suggestions (optional)

Fog of War: A misty vapor covers the field of battle, providing concealment and limiting vision.

Simple Movement: Characters are restricted to mundane movement without magical assistance.

No Sidekicks: Characters cannot make use of bonded animals or summoned creatures.


Strike Force:: The Ambushers no longer seek to absolutely destroy the Defenders, but instead strive to wreak havoc amongst them and then escape before the Defenders even have a chance of bringing their greater numbers to bear. The Ambushers need only kill a number of Defenders equal to their own starting numbers (i.e., a team of 3 Ambushers must kill 3 Defenders) and then must disengage and reach any Map Edge. If even one Ambusher reaches any Map Edge after they have slain the requisite number of Defenders, the Ambushers are declared the winners. The Defenders must still slay all Ambushers to win.

Outfoxed: The Defenders have been wilier than expected and the Ambushers receive only two rounds in which to prepare the ambush.

Boxed In: The Ambushers have succeeded at enticing the Defenders into an even deadlier trap. The Ambushers have an extra round in which to prepare the ambush.

Blockaded: The numbers are reversed, so it is the Defenders who are badly outnumbered. However, the Defenders’ only goal is to reach the other side of the map, by any means necessary.Defenders must start the Match within four squares of their Map Edge and at least one of their number must reach the opposite Map Edge for their side to win. The Ambushers win if they manage to slay all Defenders, or if no Defender has reached the opposite Map Edge when the Match ends. For this Variant, the Law “Simple Movement” is in effect.

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